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10 + 1 qualitites for investors beginners

Published 31/12/2019 at 11:59 am

Every day, all kinds of investment opportunities are undercut. Some are advantageous, others less. All of them, however, have a great presentation of how someone else can better value our money or our time.

Today I want to present some of the methods that help me make better decisions. Most of them I have already experienced and only subconsciously strengthen it by following them automatically. Being automated, they take virtually no time. And don’t forget that life is about time…

1. Have discipline
Discipline is the key to our success. Motivation can be artificially evoked (money, the vision of something, etc.), the will is fleeting, the lust will disappear in a moment, but the DISCIPLINE must be part of our life all the time. So if we want to do something in life. It is necessary to work on the discipline every day and strengthen it. We never know when the time will come to make full use of it in our journey to further life success.

This EXERCISE helps me.

2. Planning
Measure twice, cut once. Who among us does not know this saying?

And with our finances and time, we should “measure” even four or five times before giving anything to someone.

3. Inspiration
Add to your MP3 player even several biographies, motivational books, podcasts, etc.

And in a short time, we will get a lot of other possibilities.

4. Reading
We are expanding vocabulary, knowledge and general knowledge. But we must be able to choose what to read. We are not going anywhere much by tabloid reading or daily news from newspapers.

5. Travel
It helps us develop because it cuts us off from the values of our culture and society and shows how another society can live by completely different values and function smoothly

6. Prioritizing long-term needs over short-term satisfaction
Buying fast food will shortly satisfy the need for food one evening and spend around $2. In the long run, however, by adding another $6 to the aforementioned 2, we can buy ingredients and make two baking tasty pizzas for two days.

7. Discounts
There are a few things where you can get up to 80% discounts and thus 80% returns. Of course, it is not so and the prices are a little overestimated at first so that the discount was higher.
However, by meaningfully considering and buying any food at a discount, action, or a larger amount, it will beautifully tear down any inflation and grumbling about expensive food.

8. Suppression of influence
One of the most difficult qualities we should be able to control in life. We still want to thank someone. We are actually led to it from a young age, leading us to do education, later employment, dealer of goods, etc.

In fact, it is OUR life and we should first think of ourselves. No matter how close we are to the people (family, colleagues at work), the less they appreciate that we do something for them.

9. Rational decision making
As soon as anyone says anything negative about you, you need to rationalize the information. Why he said that he had a reason, there was no need for something else entirely, etc.

Most people are afraid of the negatives about them around them. In fact, this is only what they think of themselves. 99% of the people around us are not interested in us.

10. Laugh more
No one has ever shown that laughter is harmful.

11. The above 10 points are able to combine and use in life.

I wish you good luck.

Josef Holoubek