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10 + 1 things – we can waste our time

Published 21/10/2019 at 6:30 am

1. Complaining

As I wrote once:

A complaint is a mere defense against admitting that I don’t want to do anything about the situation. Despite some inconvenience of the situation I prefer to stay in the usual track.

Let’s think about the true nature of the problem and look for a solution.

2. Perfectionism

Do not allow good things to wait for a perfect finish. Sometimes it’s better to start and improve on the fly than to keep telling myself that I’m finally going to do it tomorrow…

As we do something publicly, we also have a commitment to those who use it. If we just think about it, it will stay there.

3) Comparison with others

There is always at least one person in the world that is a little better or worse in what we do. There are few activities where we would be the best or the worst. Do not be stopped just by someone doing it better and by someone worse.

4) Setting incorrect priorities

If we want to achieve anything, we have to set smaller tasks that will lead to the ultimate goal.

To lose weight is not enough to just run, but to incorporate a healthy diet into life.

5) Waiting for inspiration

Most have been invented long ago, so it is not worth waiting for something or someone. If we have a master plan, we must undertake completion activities. Inspiration is around us daily.

6) Repeating the same mistakes

The first mistake is a life experience, the same mistake a second time is our stupidity. Learn from mistakes and prevent others.

7) Fear of failure

Every day we see famous personalities from the field of sport, politics or science who have gone a long way and eventually jumped close or worse. It also didn’t stop them and they started working on improvement. Be in this group and do not worry about partial failures that lead to ultimate success.

8) We do not live our life

At the end of our life, we regret only what we have never tried or done in our lives. Do not always try to prove something to someone at the expense of your dreams and goals. The life we live in is only ours and we take full responsibility for it. Therefore, do not leave decisions to others.

9) To deal with what others say about us

A lot of people will spend a lot of time what others think about them, they will have no time to think about others.

Do not solve others, but only your goals.

10) Trying to satisfy everyone

People can quickly find a weaker member of the group and take advantage of their goodness. Help, but don’t get used. Especially in the work team, this only leads to more work, tasks and false friendships. Once you stop, even false friendships end.

11) Surrounding myself with the wrong people

If you want anything better than chatting with guys about politics in a pub or a girl version somewhere in a café about a strange neighbor, nothing has ever been achieved.

Surround yourself with people who have something to give you and can move you somewhere.

Josef Holoubek