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10 rituals to start the day productively and finish successfully

Published 26/10/2019 at 4:20 pm

Everything fits more than we can imagine.

Have you ever thought that what we do in the morning can significantly affect the course of the day? Imagine that you wake up late, make quick morning hygiene, get dressed, go without breakfast to work or school. During this trip, you buy expensive and not very good coffee and then you have a few hours of activity that you do not enjoy.

Consider a slightly different scenario of your morning. You wake up a little earlier, listen to your favorite music, stretch, relax with your loved ones in peace, take your stuff ready for work or school, and start your day with a delicious coffee or favorite tea in a thermal cup…

An example of ten morning rituals that you can start every day to be productive and successful.

1. Get up earlier

It is no secret that getting up early brings many benefits. One of them is more time for other rituals, we are less prone to anxiety, we are able to start the metabolism faster and much more.

Just set the alarm one minute early in the evening. We move it until we get the ideal time to wake up.

2. Listening to pleasant music and omitting social networks

You are one of those who reach for the phone every morning after waking up, check what happened last night, and then turn on the radio, tell you what happened, how bad the weather, or how many people died yesterday?

What to try a little change.

After waking up instead of social networks think of some positive things. For example, how happy we are for the people we have around us; for how we live; what we look forward to that day, etc.

Then turn on your favorite songs or relaxing background music instead of the radio.

3. Multitasking = doing more things at once

We have a few morning tasks that need to be done.

First of all, it is better to list all of these tasks once (brewing tea, making breakfast, preparing snacks for children, brushing teeth, ironing the shirt to work, preparing coffee, washing dishes from dinner, clearing the dishwasher, etc. etc.).

In the second phase, we will try to move some tasks to the previous evening (eg ironing the shirt) or delegate to another family member.

In the third stage, try to put in between these morning duties still exercise. You do not have to work out so that you would then be mature for the shower, but, for example, at five-minute intervals as the initial to give ten clicks, ten squats, ten sit-downs, three bends. The whole process takes up to a minute and a half. Meanwhile, you have time for other things – such as preparing breakfast and snacks.

In just 15 minutes you can pursue 4 series and you’re done with what you need. These 6 minutes a day will give us a full three hours a month of morning exercise.

4. Make a bed

For many people, I have a negative attitude. Why would I make a bed if I get into it the same evening and no one else comes here during the day?

It’s easier than it seems. Even a small act like making a bed unchecks one of the first tasks of the beginning of the day. Suddenly we are proud and encouraged to perform other, albeit small, tasks. At the same time, we can see that even small things matter because in one day, and overall, there are many things like that.

5. Prepare 5 achievable goals for each day

By setting daily goals, you set your benchmark for productivity on a given day. At the same time, you are preparing the ground for your longer-term goals.

Try to cleverly divide them throughout the day and combine them with other activities (eg when I leave the house, I take the trash to the garbage bin; during the morning exercise, I clean up the dishwasher; I will get involved in the project First Reasonable Cleaning Pyramid.

6. Breakfast in peace and with loved ones

A full breakfast with the people we love is one of the important things that affect our health, family relationships and hence better communication skills.

It is proven that people who have breakfast together, actively communicate with each other and are not disturbed by external influences from the radio or social networks have a much better mood for longer.

7. Stop complaining

There are things we can and cannot manage. Simply explained, what does not endanger us in life or our personal freedom, it makes no sense to deal with it, if we are unable to do anything about it.

Let’s look for something that will enrich us or give us another added value.

8. Put difficult tasks first

It doesn’t matter what it is and how much you don’t want to do it. If it needs to be done today, try to resolve it as soon as possible. Ideally in the morning.

Postponing only increases stress and focus on other things. As soon as the worst is over, only more pleasant activities await us.

9. Fulfill some of the long-term goals

Think of your long-term goals as one big puzzle. Every day you have to attach one or two pieces to be a little closer to the end result.

As a long-term goal, it may be necessary for someone to run a marathon; another wants to learn a foreign language again; and he read one full book in a week; …

The long-term goal is one for which more time is needed and we achieve it by performing smaller sub-tasks.

10. Positive attunement

Whatever it is doing, with a smile on his face it will be much easier.

A phrase like, “You’ve really upset me,” is merely a statement of our weakness to allow someone else to spoil our mood.

Do you also have any of the rituals that you would like to share? Do not hesitate to contact us. We love to learn and gradually learn something new that could not only help us.

Josef Holoubek