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A million-dollar idea

Published 26/10/2019 at 10:18 am

Every day we think about 50,000 thoughts… If we sleep 8 hours, it’s one thought per second. It is almost certain that at least one of them could be worth a million dollars. Let’s take a look at how to keep, analyze and try to realize those important ideas.

Try to think about what you are thinking about and what is going through your head every day. At home, at work, on the way from shopping, when you fall asleep, when boarding a train, during an airplane flight, on vacation, we just have something in our head. Very few people can shut down completely and don’t think about something for a while.

Not every thought is worth further analysis. But at least one of them will be wondering if it really has the potential.

First of all, we need to keep the idea. In a few seconds, we usually don’t know what inspired us to fly through our heads.

I have two methods:

a) A notepad where I write down information on several points that will bring me back to the thought flow of the situation.

b) Dictaphone, where I dictate the same points that I would write in the notebook (I write eg in an email or FB message).

It was not yet a day that something that had the potential to earn a million dollars wouldn’t go through my head. After a small analysis, they are hundreds of thousands. And with careful planning, it may not pay off at all.

However, the more analyzes are done, the better ideas come to mind. Over time, there is no more crap like village food delivery, but things like a hundred list.

The Law of Attraction is already working at full speed. Once you have done something, three or four more topics are immediately opened to explore. 24 hours will never be enough.

Try to get ideas in your head that can move you somewhere. Investigate the possibilities and the same song again – look for information. In short, go towards what you want.

You never know when a million-dollar idea comes to mind. Or someone else will give it to you.

I wish you a lot of positive thoughts.

Josef Holoubek