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Definition of success

Published 06/12/2019 at 6:30 am

Success cannot be defined with just one word or some definition that would apply in general. There are nearly 8 billion people in the world and a few more people fly in space. For anyone, success can express something else…

Success is another of the few things to which we all have the right and can afford it. It takes neither money, no position, nor anything else that many people consider necessary.
It is only ourselves and our attitude. We can choose whether we are successful or not.

Today’s time puts us more than ever in a position to show us successful people. I undoubtedly agree that anyone I see, meet or watch is SUCCESSFUL.

The common question is, „Who do you think is successful?“
The answer should be, „I am!“

It’s nothing selfish. It is only the attitude that I take towards my life and action. This may differ by 180 degrees from the attitudes of others. And I have to respect that.

Humility should go hand in hand. For example, I feel extremely successful when I can get up in the morning, choose what to eat, where to go, what to do that day, and who I might meet. I feel successful when I can work on things where I see a long-term vision. And it is all wrapped in the tinsel of being healthy, having someone who likes me, walking, perceiving tastes and smells, living in a safe country, etc.

I’m one successful person from nearly 8 billion. Someone else may see success in piloting an airplane, earning a million dollars, buying a new Iphon, making a trip to Mecca, operating a brain, giving a hattrick during an NHL game, raising his children, etc., etc. etc.

Everyone should set their own success and plan the steps to achieve it. Do not be influenced by social networks and surroundings. It is still you who lives your life. There is no one else, and therefore no one bears full responsibility for it.

Although man is still evolving. What we want to achieve today may be completely different in a week. Feel free to change your mind. That’s what people do.

Finally, I recommend writing your goals somewhere. Let them see. And once you write them down, start writing smaller steps to achieve personal success.

I wish you good luck.

Josef Holoubek