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First reasonable cleaning pyramid

Motto: A change that is immediately visible.

What is it?

First Reasonable Cleaning Pyramid is a volunteer cleaning action and pilot project by EasyDirection.org to improve the environment around us.

How did it begin?

One of my friends inadvertently gave me an impulse, when drank lemonade from the airport fastfood and left an empty cup on the airport bench. His response to my disbelieving look was: “I give them a job.”

Everything is in people’s minds and their appetite for change. Regardless of political opinion, origin, education, position in society, we all have (at least I think) one thing in common – we do not want to live in a mess.

I walk around 100 – 150 km per week and besides the beauties of the surrounding area I see a lot of mess. Along the road, on forest roads, in towns or villages, in short, everywhere.

Sometimes these are smaller chewing gum paper things, sometimes it is a nonsensical discarded PET bottle or beer can in the forest.

I thought I’d like to do something about it, but on the other hand, I’m not a cleaner or an incompetent fool to clean up garbage thrown away by other clutters.  I was looking for a compromise, and because I love fairy tales with a happy ending, I interpreted it as follows:

There are almost 8 billion people in the world, and if only one billion cleans up, there are seven billion left, who make a mess. Besides not messing myself, I pick up seven pieces of waste every day. One for each billion, who makes a mess. Sometimes a little more, but not less. Daily.

Even if it was just 100 grams per day, in a year these 100 daily grams amount to 36,5 kilograms of garbage that does not burden nature.

After 21 days I built a habit, after a year it became a tradition.
And together with two other people who get into this cleaning pyramid, we dispose of the world of more than 100 kg of waste per year. And that seems pretty reasonable to me. And because we are the first, the name First Reasonable Cleaning Pyramid seemed quite apt to me.

Yeah, and a ton of waste just needs to involve 27 people.

It’s a long run and that suits me. I prefer longer routes than short, one-day sprint makes sense, but deliver short-term results.

How to get involved?

First of all you have to want to. Forcing yourself into something never builds up a habit and later a daily ritual.

You can join anytime, anywhere. You simply pick up 7 discarded rubbish a day and ideally continue this every day.

Each year there will be four events for each season:

            Spring kilogram/ Summer kilogram/ Autumn kilogram/ Winter kilogram

Which will aim to collect at least one kilo of waste on the day of the event.

Share your effort with others to create a community that supports each other on their way to a common goal.

What is the goal?

Rotate the coefficient from 1 (billion orderly) vs 7 (billion disorderly) to 8 (billion orderly).

To put it simply, there will be no more to clean, because everyone will be part of the First Reasonable Cleaning Pyramid.

What is the vision?

The first Reasonable Cleaning Pyramid actually has two visions:

  1. we do not create any mess ourselves,
  2. relieve our surroundings from a mess every day.
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