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MALLORCA: Road Trip (Part 1)

Published 03/11/2019 at 6:30 am

We went to this island belonging to Spain in mid-September. It is fine because the weather is not hot, but also because of the sea, which is pleasantly warm after the summer and especially the beaches are not overpopulated.

I would characterize this stay as a low-cost road trip with elements of an all-inclusive holiday and lots of optional trips organized by the two of us alone.

Miramar, sea view

How do you get to Mallorca?

You can go to Mallorca with your own car, but it will take you a lot of hours behind the wheel + you have to plan a ferryboat. But why ride your own car when you can rent a car in Mallorca and you can buy flight tickets for a few hundred.

The airline Ryanair gave us the best offer that we had to take advantage of… The flight ticket Brno – London – Palma de Mallorca – London – Brno for a few Czech crowns respectively pounds it could not be refused.

The following lines are digested from the notes we both did during our stay. After our last trip to Sazava, when it was planned to describe our wandering around Cesky Sternberk and the next evening we did not know if we lost in that village or other, it was quite a clever idea.

At the end of this article you will find places to visit at Mallorca.

We are talking about a total of 14 days, of which 12 were in Mallorca. During that time, we managed to travel 651 km, stayed in 11 different places, visited 25+ beautiful places, sunbathing on the beaches, had a couple of views, and no doubt had so many experiences that no one never takes it away from us.

Street in Valldemossa

Trip to Mallorca and rent of a car

14. 9. 2019

An uninteresting day with a morning full of stress and repeated sworn promises that next time we really will pack at least a day in advance.

Transfer by train to Brno, flight to London, repacking and reduction of things into less conspicuous, unfortunately still oversized hand luggage and buying food for the first hours on the island.

Viewpoint in Miramar

15. 9.

Early morning getting up not from the necessity of an early morning flight, but of ordinary gluttony in the airport lounge. Under the slogan “you won’t go from here hungry” we took advantage of one of our bank’s credit card benefits – free access to airport lounges.

This was followed by the classic with the gates when you are pulled down your bottom when we need to take our four excess hand luggage during control into the aircraft (whoever flew Ryanair knows it). After 15 minutes, when everyone finally settled, there was a hastily prepared scene of the aircraft crew about how the plane was damaged, and we have to move to another. Funny. But I only laughed with Jajda and the one lady, who quickly stopped when the stewardess translated her into Spanish.

Mallorca welcomed us with beautiful weather, but also with the necessity of renting a car… There was a hastily prepared procedure when we stood three queues and listened to three offers of the car for ten days. The first for 460 euros without insurance, the second 360 euros with theft insurance and the third 310 euros with some insurance.

The situation did not give me and I began to curse arbitrarily … First to rentals, then to Jajda, then to life and finally to myself. We decided to sleep close to the airport and go back in the morning and gradually go around all the rentals, consider the pros and cons and borrow the best car which will not be expensive.

After four kilometers, the journey took us to a town with a beautiful beach, a beautiful sunset, plenty of shops and restaurants, among which my eye was CAR & BIKE RENT. After 35 minutes Jajda met the new black Škoda Fabia in a dark street.

310 euro, insurance, 12 days and in the tank leave petrol as like there is now. And after the trip, they’ll take us to the airport.

There are narrow streets in the small towns in Mallorca. For the most part, they are one-way directions where you have a lot to do to drive without scratches on the car. It is worth renting a smaller car because it is cheaper and you can easily drive through the narrow streets. Skoda Fabia short for 2 people was a super choice.

The next hour was in the spirit of finding a suitable place to sleep. The destiny and the empty reservoir wanted that we find a place for a tent in the park in the middle of Ses Palmers.

Monastery and gardens, Valldemossa

From Palma to Port de Soler

16. 9.

Approximately 6 hours, 31 minutes and 5 seconds on morning squad of street cleaners pulled us out of the tent. They made such a noise that at night noise from the airplanes was a lullaby for small children.

Today’s plan is to visit the town of Valldemossa. This was preceded by the search for a gas bomb and the purchase of pasta to liven up our instant soups.

My preparation to go to the first shop where I could buy everything proved to be inadequate. Especially when it comes to the gas bomb … I guess there are not many tourists going to the sea to cook on the gas bomb. Jajda had her first baptism of fire at the morning traffic in Palma, both on the highway and in the narrow streets … I navigated. Roundabouts have proved to be ideal places for learning a new direction. Jajda simply circled until I found the right direction on the maps. We also found that we both have a significant problem with the parties. With the right, the left and on the clogged highway with the “big”.

Valldemossa is a beautiful historic town with lots of shops, cafes, and restaurants, beautiful streets decorated with flowers and tourists. There are also several trekking trails nearby.

Not far from the center is the ruins of the castle with views of the surroundings.

In the center, you will find about three public paid parking. Free parking is about 400 meters from the center on free streets. We parked here too and slept in a nearby place.


17. 9.

Today’s 25 km long trek to the village of Deia and back took quickly yesterday when my dear half decided that yesterday’s ascent to the castle, when it exceeded about 50 meters of altitude, is rich enough. To Deia and back, mapy.cz showed me an elevation of about 1400 meters.

We had a stop in Miramar. We walked to four sea views, saw one church ruin and one tower ruin + some smaller museum. It cost € 4.

Unnecessary in my opinion. Further down the road, four more sea views were completely free.

Deia turned out to be impossible to park around lunch. It would certainly be worth a tour, but change is life and bath is also needed. The port city of Port de Sóller was another refuge for the rest of the afternoon.

Port de Sóller

On the beach is coarse sand and the beach is in the bay, so do not expect any big waves. However, it is beautifully clean. There was walking an elderly man who was collecting garbage on the beach. There is a promenade along the beach where there you can see old trams and there are many restaurants, cafes, and shops.

The following route through Soller (with a stop for shopping at the supermarket) was in the spirit of climbing to the beautiful village of Fornalutx.

The third night on the island was for this time in terraced parking in the middle of the village. We had admired lime trees in the parking.

Sleeping in a parking lot in Fornalutx

18. 9.

Before we started examining the eyelids from the inside, Jajda pointed out the stink. Exceptionally, it was not the result of my gases, but the burnt place that still smoldered next to the parking, about 30 meters from the tent.

There was a city employee in the morning, and he fired about 15 black plastic bags with leaves (including those bags).

We walked through a beautiful town that got the taste of burnt plastic that morning. If there is nothing left of this town in our mind, we will definitely have a memory in our lungs.


Places worth visiting

Port de Sóller

Where to park:

In Mallorca there is a clear rule: where there is a blue line, there is a parking fee; where there is a yellow line, there must not parking and where there is a white line, there is free parking. You can also park for free on the roads where there are no lines and you can see that other cars are also there.

Port de Sóller

We believe that the article on Mallorca can be not only an inspiration for the journey but also a helper to build your own itinerary. Soon we will release another part about our trip.

Do you like the article? We will be happy about sharing.

Jajda & Josef