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MALLORCA: Road Trip (Part 2)

Published 04/11/2019 at 6:30 am

In the second part of our road trip, we will introduce you to another part of the island. Again at the end of the tips at the place that is waiting.

Time is relentless, and I know that 12 days is really not enough to explore the island. The plan was, that we drove around the whole island and wherever we like, we stop there and go through it. I have to say that for my girlfriend Jajda is the sea, the beaches, and driving a car is the best.

From Fornalutx to Colonia de Sant Jordi

18. 9. 2019

We left the town of Fornalutx in the morning and set out on a longer route to Port de Pollenca. Along the way, we stopped several times on nice views of both the sea and the mountains. This stretch of road was kind of endless. The road is narrow in places and is quite winding.

We spent most of the afternoon on the beach in Port de Pollenca. The beach is long, with fine sand and clear sea. There are free showers, but the toilet is paid. I recommend using the toilet, which is behind the beach bar because it is free.

Cala Sant Vicenc

In the evening followed another move to the smaller seaside village of Cala Sant Vicenc. The beach is already more rocky, as well as the sea. The bay is charming, but the beach is not very well maintained. What I didn’t like was some seaweed on the beach. When I waded into the sea, it seemed to me to wade through the mud. Fortunately, the seaweeds were only on the shore and the water was beautifully clean. It is quite shallow and thanks to the stones you can observe various fish but also crabs.

After a short walk around I found the best place to sleep. Demolition of some tower directly above the sea. Jajda didn’t want to sleep there, she even said something about compromises, and her voice was shaking a little. But after my logical arguments and subsequent morning outlooks, she was very happy after all.

Our tent in Cala Sant Vicenc

19. 9.

Morning exercise in the form of a walk to the stone bunkers outside the village turned out to be poorly planned. Around 9 am it was quite hot to walk through the rocky terrain. After the walk, we wanted to visit the Far de Formentor lighthouse. A later trip to the lighthouse was not an idea only of us, but a million other people too. I have to say, that I had a brilliant driver. Jajda managed everything perfectly. In the narrow road curves when the road was up and down, I had to do with my soup in my stomach, because sometimes the soup wanted to come back to the world. In moments of stomach calm, I enjoyed beautiful views of the sea and the surrounding area. Unfortunately, the driver (or, thankfully) not.

On the way, there are several stops to sea views. Unfortunately, the car park is only for three or four cars. So you probably know we didn´t stop there, we just drove on. In the stretch of the last 2 km before the lighthouse, we drove step by step in a long convoy. Road curves, narrow roads, rocks but also the cliff did not allow us to turn anywhere. The vast majority of cars turned about 0.5 km from the lighthouse. We also had to turn around here. By the lighthouse, there are only a few parking places and we did not want to wait long in the convoy, which almost stood. Who knows how it would be in the end with parking. It is ideal to go early in the morning or late in the evening. Sleeping places are countless along the way and sunrise or sunset must be so ravishing.

Lighthouse Far de Formentor

Port d´Alcúdia is a beautiful port city with a large beach with fine sand without stones. The beach is well maintained and the sea very clean. Here we liked it very much. Due to the very shallow sea, the water was beautifully warm. On the beach, there are free showers and toilets (toilet is open until 6 pm).

On the beach, there are many restaurants, cafes, shops, etc. The accessible harbor offers everything from small fishing boats to large luxury yachts and sailboats.

Port d´Alcúdia

The approaching night told us that it would be time to start looking for a place to sleep. The adjoining village of Bonaire promised a potential place to sleep in some reserve. But Jajda was frightened by a big sign banning camping, and then me when I offered an alternative to sleeping in a tunnel under the road.

The asylum was given to us by the village of Bonaire, where we parked. Jajda wanted to sleep in the car, me too, but after 5 minutes I decided to sleep outside the car only on the mat. I built only the skeleton of the tent after a big golden retriever appeared above my head.

Our tent and car in Bonaire

20. 9.

We woke up to the pink color, which Jajda even intensified with her pink shirt and pink shorts. The wheels of our car began to turn towards the reservation, where there should be some lighthouse and sea views, possibly small beaches. After a few kilometers, holes began to appear on the dirt road… Paradoxically, right after I said the road was OK.

Immediately I swallowed another remark about what we would do if we get a flat tire. At the nearest convenient place, we turned it and drove to the city of Alcudia, which we passed. It is a beautiful historic city. The city offers to explore the walls you can walk, churches and historic buildings and plenty of beautiful streets.

Xara Gate, Alcúdia
City walls in Alcudia

We went to the coffee shop for morning coffee and cake. Normally do not need this attraction, but we were attracted by the outdoor sign: coffee + cake (+ toilet) for € 2.95.

I wrote notes about our graceful ride in Majorca, recharged the computer and contributed with my voice to the democratic vote whether we go to the sea or somewhere else. The sea has won 100% of the vote, and the plan for the rest of today is sunbathing.

We drove to Port´d Alcudia and went to the beach. In the late afternoon, we went to the port city of Cala Bona, walked and started looking for a place to sleep. We found him in a small parking lot near Cala Millor.

21. 9.

Exactly ten minutes one in the morning, two boys on bicycles arrived on an empty parking lot for a classic drug transaction. They were a little confused that there was a car in the parking lot and a tent next to it. They spent 40 minutes listening to loud music and having a social conversation, which sometimes became an argument. I waited for what was going to happen. Jajda slept it all.

I needed to pee, but I didn’t dare to climb out of the tent. After 40 minutes they both sat on their bikes and each started in a different direction. In the morning we were woken up by the rain and tested the impermeability of a 9-year-old sail and quite a used tent. Everything worked as I brought it from the store. The only problem was the few holes that are on the sail and on the floor of the tent.

There was Lidl across the road, where we bought breakfast, refilled water and had morning hygiene in the toilet. Next to Lidl is Mercadona supermarket, where Jajda bought gluten-free bread.

The plan was to visit the Safari Zoo, but due to bad weather, we went to the stalactite cave, Cuevas del Drach. Parking is free, but entry costs 15 euro (via the internet) or 16 euro on site. The exact time must be booked. We had a reservation at 11 am.

Before 11 am, we waited next to a long queue of about 200 people (I know it, cause I calculated legs and then dividing them by two). They started letting it in, and after 10 minutes, when crowds of people were still flowing into the cave entrance, I gave up and left where I came in.

Tour was less than a one hour´s and Jajda went through it alone. She walked through the stalactite caves, and in the middle was a large hall with benches. You can watch the water in complete darkness. Under the pleasant lighting on the water sailed 3 boats and on one of them played live music performed by piano, violin, and violoncello.

This scene was not allowed to be photographed or filmed, which was controlled by several securities running among people. After that, people could board on a boat and about 50 meters sail, or all you can walk. According to the photos, it looks beautiful, but the overpriced entrance and crowds of people totally discouraged me.

We moved to the port town of Colonia de Sant Jordi. You will find about a 2 km long promenade along the sea and several beaches. The sunsets here are breathtaking. We decided to sleep on the outskirts. We parked at the sidewalk and set up the tent next door.

22. 9.

Around half-past seven I was woken by a tireless cock, which was singing with another one in the near neighborhood. The last impulse that it is time to get up was given to us by the garbage collectors who started to export garbage bins in our neighborhood.

We packed things and moved to the town Campos. On the way to Campos, you can stop by the Salinas d´Es Trenc salt plains. The entry is 8 euros and you can see the salt sea water plains that evaporate to form a salt. In the town of Campos, we bought some food and went to the café in the center, where I recharged the computer and wrote down notes. The city did not impress us. The biggest enjoyment was when we walked past 10 am around a beautiful large church and a lot of retired people converged to the morning mass. It was such a more modern concept of the scene from the Czech film Slunce, seno…

We decided to go back to Colonia de Sant Jordi, where we walked along the long beach and stayed by the sea until late afternoon. In the evening we moved to the village of Cala Pi, where is one of the beautiful beaches and bay. In the evening we slept in a smaller car parking.

Places worth visiting

In the area Port de Pollenca:

In the area Alcudia:

In the area Colonia de Sant Jordi:

Where to park:

I believe the article can inspire you, but it can also help you build your own itinerary.

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Jajda & Josef