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Spa town Marianske Lazne

Published 01/02/2020 at 8:00 pm

We chose Marianske Lazne as our other places to trip around the Czech Republic. I had two vouchers for accommodation from the summer, so we bought a wellness long weekend with half board

Maxim Gorky Colonnade

How do you get there?

We traveled from Prague by train. The train journey takes about 2 and a half hours. Another option is to transport in your own car, which is an advantage because you can go on a trip to spa cities Karlovy Vary or Frantiskovy Lazne. We could not find any direct buses from Prague.

Why go to Marianske Lazne?

In the spa town you will find several spa parks, healing springs, colonnade, museums, spa houses, plenty of cafes, restaurants and other attractions.

It is a 2.5 km walk along the main road from the station to Maxim Gorky Colonnade. Along the way, you pass the parks, where there are a bunch of benches for rest. At this colonnade is a singing fountain, which unfortunately is not in operation in winter, but is at least beautifully lit. As the right spa guests, we tasted spa wafers. One shop is right next to the colonnade. Unfortunately, they do not have gluten-free spa wafers.

In the parks, there are several healing springs, which are also not in operation in winter. Springs in winter are available on the premises of Maxim Gorky Colonnade. If you do not have a cup for tasting springs, it does not matter, the operator will sell you a plastic cup for a few crowns. If you want to buy a souvenir, you have the opportunity right in this colonnade.

Another beautiful building is the Ferdinand Spring Colonnade, which is located in a park near a football field.

Do not forget enclose to your suitcase sports shoes to the spa town. Around the spa, there are several hiking trails and viewpoints that are worth a visit. The view from the lookout tower Hamelika to the town and the surrounding area will be a reward for climbing. Nature trail Geological Park passes through the slope of the beech forest. On the trail, you can see the rocks and plants located in the Slavkov Forest.

Marianske Lazne is full of sports. In winter you can ski in the ski area. Unfortunately, during the warming weather in mid-January 2020 could only operate the cable car and 1 ski slope. Night skiing is not available. Lovers of rope parks will also be pleased. Near the spring of the forest is a rope center, where there is a large circuit for older children and adults and a small circuit for children from 3 years. Next to there are tennis courts. If you like golf, you can enjoy the Royal Golf Club Marianske Lazne, which is about 3 km from the main colonnade. If you like mini-golf, you can find it next to Kaufland. Next, you can find an indoor swimming pool and an ice rink that is open to the public. Information about the pool, ice rink, and other sports opportunities can be found here.

For a great dinner, we went to Churchill’s Pub & Restaurant, which captivated us with a wonderful American-style Christmas decoration. They have excellent steaks here.

You can buy groceries in Tesco, Lidl, Kaufland or Penny Market.


We used a voucher from Slevomat and chose 2 nights in the hotel Krivan 4 *, which is located directly above the colonnade and the spa park. The friendly receptionist welcomed us, explaining what and how, when we have the next day of procedures, but mainly when it will be dinner and breakfast. Breakfast was a rich buffet – hot and cold. For dinner, there was a choice of 2 dishes, soup, salads and vegetables and there was also a dessert. If you have a gluten-free diet, I definitely recommend the hotel. They cooked a gluten-free dinner and instead of dessert, they offered fruits. For breakfast, they bought gluten-free pastries. In this way, we thank the staff for super service and care.

Other accommodation options can be found through bookings.com, Airbnb, or Couchsurfing. The price of accommodation ranges from about 1000 CZK per room for 2 persons, without food and procedures.

How long to stay in a spa town?

A long weekend to stroll around the town and the surrounding area is enough. If you would like to try hiking or biking trails or to visit other cities and places, we recommend planning a visit for more days.

We liked the spa very much and we will definitely make a trip to this town again.

Jajda & Josef