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You can support our activity with a financial donation to the following account number: (2901683223/2010) and as a variable symbol include your POST code (for generous regional statistics), specific symbol 2020 (as a gift this year) and your name (if you want us to know) who is that nice philanthropist and increased karma)


Having two extra hands and not having two extra hands is already four hands.

And every hand suits us.

We also welcome new ideas, innovations, tips and tricks.


We will be grateful for any material help that will facilitate our work and spread our thoughts and vision.

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Are you interested in our vision and would you like to tell others about it?

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Whether you are a local newsletter or a national periodical or TV, we will be happy to help you spread our ideas further.


Just love us. We are also people with our strengths and mistakes and we are still learning.

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Do you like our vision and would you like to share a common enthusiasm with those who do not have social networks?

You can print our flyer and post it on your board at school, work or any other organization.

By purchasing items that will make your life easier and help us

Getting ready.

We would like to thank all partners, sponsors and good people for their help.