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Venice & Caorle

Published 17/10/2019 at 8:00 pm

Visiting Venice and swimming in Caorle, like a crazy romantic trip that everyone will enjoy.

Venice is unique for its remarkable canals, stunning architecture and rich history. We spent two days here, which was enough for a city tour. It’s nice to have experienced an evening, have dinner, wine, take pictures of enlightened streets. During the day, soak up the atmosphere of a pulsating city, walking tourists, passing gondolas, enjoying ice cream in the picturesque streets and of course admiring the sights typical of this place.

How to get to Venice?

Venice can be easily reached from several destinations in Europe (including Prague). You can get the cheapest flight from Prague by Ryanair when the price for a return ticket can be from about 520 CZK. Ryanair flies to Treviso Airport, about 30 km from Venice. From the airport, you can reach Venice by bus or train. You can find transportation and ticket prices here.


You can stay directly in Venice, but why spend on overpriced hotels when you get the same quality but cheaper accommodation in the town Mestre (known as “New Venice”). Cities are next to each other. Between the cities, there is a permanent bus and train service (trains run all day until night every half hour and the ticket costs about 5 euros). We were faithful to bookings.com in our search for accommodation. Prices for accommodation in Mestre range from 600 CZK per room, in Venice it is from 1000 CZK. In Caorle is accommodation at a similar price. Closer to the beaches is more expensive accommodation, away from the beaches it is slightly cheaper. Another option is Couchsurfing or Airbnb.

What to See in Venice?

I strongly recommend that you turn off the main streets and go to the side streets. You wander the narrow streets, meet someone from time to time, quite often you have to come back because the channel crosses the aisle. In the side aisles, you do not meet such a whip for tourists in the form of sellers of anything, pickpockets, noise, etc. Just sit down, watch, think and relax for a moment.

Venice is full of churches and basilicas, palaces, theaters, museums and galleries, so I recommend that you look for what you are specifically interested in here. The most visited attractions include:

Venice also includes romantic gondola rides. Although the gondola ride is somewhat expensive, there is a lot of interest in this attraction among tourists.

The city’s symbols include beautifully decorated carnival masks. Venice is one of the most visited carnivals in the world. The masks are made of porcelain, leather, paper and some of them made of glass and are richly decorated with lace, beads, feathers or hand-painted. As an original travel gift, you can buy a carnival mask


Except for Venice, you can also make a trip to other towns close to Venice. You can choose another town inland or you can visit the seaside town. We decided to see the seaside town of Caorle, where even at the end of September you can swim in the sea.

How to get to Caorle?

The city is located less than two hours from Mestre by bus. Return ticket you can buy for approximately 8 euros at the bus station in Mestre (it is next to the train station), or you can get there by boat, but the ticket is considerably more expensive.

And why a trip to Caorle?

This small town is ideal for a day or two-day trip. There is a long sandy beach, a historic center, and a tiny harbor. There are also many hotels and resorts, as Caorle is a popular summer destination for families. I also spent there some holidays with my parents when I was a little girl.

From the church of Santuario Della Madonna dell’Angelo is a paved walkway along the sea and beach. By this walkway, you can get to the west side of town where is the lighthouse and where the estuary canal for boats. The route is about 3 km long. At the mentioned church is the embankment of stones, which protect the old town from the sea. In this part of the sidewalk are carved various ornaments and figures to the stones (eg dolphin, turtle, frog, mouth, etc.). In Piazza Vescovado there is a leaning tower – a bell tower and Della Cathedrale di Caorle. The historic center consists of old fishing houses, small and narrow streets that give the city a unique atmosphere. The streets of the old town are full of restaurants where you can enjoy traditional Italian specialties including a bottle of fine wine. Fishing boats can be seen at the nearby marina. At this marina, you can buy a boat trip or boat trips to nearby lagoons.

We liked it very much in Venice and Caorle. We believe that we will come again to these towns. And what about you? Have you been here too? Write to us with your impressions of the trip.

Jajda & Josef